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Sometimes what you need most is not tactics, not even strategy, but it's the ability to reach out to someone who knows... someone who's been right where you are now and simply...



“The elite yet affordable Coaching group that gives you direct and timely access to someone who has been exactly where you are... 

and knows how to get you where you want to be instead... all for less than you likely pay for Internet access each month.”

          When I first began my business online and my journey into Online Marketing, it was a painful and slow process. I made a ton of mistakes, as we all do, but what was most painful to me was the amount of time that I wasted.

          I knew that if I could just get some straightforward and candid advice from someone that had been through what I was going through, that the process would be faster for me.

          It turns out... it would have been a lot CHEAPER too!

          I wasted tens of thousands of dollars chasing different self-appointed gurus around the country at different events, telling myself that maybe they were the one that could help shorten the learning curve. I spend about three years attending different live events, buying upsells to work with the various industry leaders, joining different programs — all in an effort to shortcut the process for me.

          I didn't have tons of money, but I was willing to invest — probably more willing than I should have been. Unfortunately instead of "investing" I ended up just SPENDING.

          There were a couple of exceptions along the way, but for the most part, I simply never got that direct and candid advice I was looking for. Timely and brutally honest advice that would have saved me tens of thousands in wasted money and 100's of hours of lost time — months off of my life.

          THIS is why I do this. 

          THIS is why I enjoy running my Memoirs of Mastery monthly coaching and digital training program. I enjoy being for others what I was never able to find. 

          THIS is why I also keep it so unbelievably affordable as well. Because I know that many cannot afford my private coaching rates and honestly, I only work with a handful of people at a time anyway... so even if you can afford me, I haven't had an opening now for several months. I just don't have the time for much one-on-one work anymore.

          But in Memoirs of Mastery, it's different. You get access to me twice a month in live group sessions where you can bring anything you have to the table and we'll dive into it, no holds barred. 

         “There are certain times in business when what you need is not more info, or even privileged info, what you need is a great wizard to swoop in and make it all better. Troy Broussard is such a wizard.

          Beyond his head-spinning tech skills, Troy totally “gets it” when it comes to working with us creative types who quickly develop (and often, cause) headaches when we encounter deep tech.”

Kevin Rogers, Founder, CopyChief.com

          Several years ago I was trying to remedy the legal citizenship status of my eldest son, Thales. It was a very complicated situation and I won't go into all of the details here, but I needed the best advice money could buy.

          I did quite a bit of research on immigration attorneys and found the single best guy in the business based out of Los Angeles. I immediately called his office to book a call with him.

          Though the $2000 fee for a 30 minute consult was super expensive — a whopping $4000 an hour — the price did not deter me. They let me know I would have to pay that today despite the fact that there was a six month wait time to get on his calendar. They also made it painfully clear that under no circumstances would the call be rescheduled nor refunded. If I cancelled tomorrow, that would be fine, but I would be out the $2000 for the 30 minute call.

          I paid.

          I waited.

          For six long months I waited for this call.

          I only had 30 minutes with him and wanted to spend most of my time listening, not talking, so I got super organized and even practiced my introduction to him of the problem I was dealing with. I wanted to be thorough but concise so I could leave the majority of the call time for him to help me.

          It was the single best consult I had ever received in any industry, ever.

          Not because of what he told me, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to help me and the unique situation I found myself in — it just wasn’t a solvable problem (at least in the way I was hoping).

          No, what was great about the consult is that I learned the power of getting the best from the best. This man knew the law like the back of his hand. He was like The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, swooping in and delivering with brutal clarity exactly what needed to be done, exactly what I was paying him for (even if I didn’t want to hear what he had to say).

          In that moment, I learned the power of brutally candid “full frontal, lift the kilt” candor. He wasn’t cruel or mean-spirited at all, but he didn’t sugar coat anything he told me. He gave me exactly what I paid for and EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

          And I was grateful to him for it. I has happy to have paid my money and waited because I knew I had consulted the best and received the best advice available. I was now armed the power of “informed” decision.

          THAT is exactly what I provide in Memoirs of Mastery (without the steep $4000 per hour rate).

          Painful clarity.

What I learned from a $4000 per hour attorney consult

The $500 a month PDF I pay for each and every month...

          For years I have kept the best consultant I could find on retainer so that he was available to me whenever I really needed him. He’s a specialist with Cloud Services and the best in the business.

          Since I run multiple SaaS companies and have tons of development going on all of the time, this guy’s advice and counsel are indispensible to me. It’s all about getting the right perspective from the right person at just the right time.

It’s all about getting the right perspective 

from the right person, at just the right time.

          And so... I pay him $500 a month for nothing more than an auto-generated PDF report and analysis of our Cloud Services.

          Yep, you read that right. It's a mostly automated report and a mere dozen pages or so PDF and yet I have paid him many thousands for it over the years.


          I don’t actually care that much about the PDF... no... I keep him “on retainer” so that when I need him, he’s there. I can call him up and get the precise help and advice I need at any time I need.

          THAT is why I pay him... and it’s money very well spent.

          And THAT is what I can be for you as well...

The Right Person, in your corner, to give you...

The Right Advice...

And at just the RIGHT TIME...

We each have our own, very personal definition of success...

          Look.... I get it.

          My journey is NOT your journey.

          We each have our own personal path and definition of success. This is a concept so dear to me that I wrote an entire book about it called, Defining Success — a book that is my gift to you when you put me in your corner and join Memoirs of Mastery.

          This not some vision of my success though, this is YOUR vision of YOUR success as YOU see it. This book came from my own realizations and an epiphany I had one day when I stumbled across an old digital archive of mine. You’ll hear all about the back story in the book itself, but what I realized was WHY I was feeling good about my business... I realized I had attained a level of my own definition of success without even really realizing it!

          This is much more than a book, it is an entire philosophy about how to truly quantify an obtuse topic like “success” and make it objective. If you can’t define it, how can you possibly attain it?





          This is more than just a book though, its a formula — a custom tailored formula that you can apply to your own set or priorities in business and life. A formula that, once defined, will give you your very own objective and customized definition of success that you can track and measure.

          It comes with an exercise that you can easily do that will give you that exact, objective measurement for YOUR definition of success as well as the framework on how to use it to finally attain your success and be confident in it.

Heres just some of whats included in this book:

          Included with your monthly subscription to Memoirs of Mastery is also this perfect companion book, Defining Success. This is delivered to you as a print book and narrated audio version as well.

          This book is all about you and YOUR success!

          Its all about how YOU can define, quantify and measure your own success. This term “success” is very obtuse and although almost everyone is in pursuit of it, very few really understand what it means to attain it. Thats exactly why I wrote this book, to help you define in your own terms, exactly what success means to you!

          But I go even deeper with the Memoirs... to make them more practical and less theoretical. We all need more to learn like we need a bullet to the head, I get that. So I have simplified things further.

          With many of the Memoirs I release, I also release a PDF workbook that walks you through the practical exercises taught within the current Memoir. Each PDF is beautifully designed but also done in Black and White on purpose so that you can easily print it out at home and fill it in yourself the old school way, with pen and paper. 

          Of course, if you prefer, you can always fill it in electronically or even load it into your iPad and write over it digitally with a stylus like I do with the GoodNotes app and my Apple Pencil (love that solution by the way).

          The point is...

          You get the practical aspect of each teaching in a way that you can easily put into practice in YOUR business. I walk you through some tough questions that will require you to do the work, but you also will get the results.

          By the way, isn’t that how it always is?

          The PDF Workbook is brand new to Memoirs and has quickly become a subscriber favorite.

Youll discover the two types of success and how to leverage the pursuit of one to attain the other. This is super powerful as most people don't truly understand either, much less how to attain both in a very straightforward way.

"I asked people who the best was, and Troy came highly recommended, which is exactly why we use him. As a former CIA agent, trust is everything and that is why I chose to trust my business to Troy."

Jason Hanson

Former CIA Agent

~ * ~

"Troy Broussard is a sneakily good copywriter. He poses as a techie, but his copy sucks me in every time. Your secret's out, Troy. Us copywriters have eyes on you!"

Kevin Rogers


~ * ~

“Working with Troy is absolutely one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I met Troy thru purchasing his book, which is fabulous. Even as an advanced marketer, I was amazed by how much I learned from Troy. It’s incredible how much I learned. He's very ’no-nonsense’ and kept me focused on doing the simple things - simple works.”

Wardee Harmon


~ * ~

"Man of Multiple Masteries. Troy's one of those rare breeds of polymaths. When do you ever encounter a tech wizard who's also an amazing coach, brilliant entrepreneur, and a bang up copywriter (not to mention a former Navy Nuclear Engineer)?"

Douglas Pew

Copywriter & Composer

~ * ~

"Whether you're looking for strategic or tactical tips, Troy’s Inner Circle has both. Not only do you get very tactical tips but with Troy you also get the strategy and that is amazing and that’s what I love about it."

Markus Heitkoetter

Rockwell Trading

~ * ~

“Troy is an automation genius! He showed us capabilities we had no idea existed. Read his book, and if you ever have a chance to learn from him in person, take it!”

Bill Harris, Founder & CEO

Centerpointe Research Institute

~ * ~

"Troy will discover numerous ways to scale your business, make more money and save time. Plus, as a byproduct, your employees will be smiling. 

You see Troy is a rare breed, he can effectively communicate with the best of marketers as well as the non-verbal techies. Frankly there is no one better when it comes to Infusionsoft. He is truly the Master!”

MaryEllen Tribby

#1 Best Selling Author

Reinventing the Entrepreneur: Turning Your Dream Business 

Into Reality

CEO, Met Edge Media

~ * ~

"Troy Broussard is truly a one of a kind treasure that business owners dream of crossing paths with. An elite marketing mind, incredible communication skills, plus world class technical know-how of highly sophisticated software and tools, gives Troy the capability to turn your marketing dreams into a reality. 

He goes where others in his field would never dare, nor would they believe what he’s capable of doing is even possible. Do yourself and your business results a favor, and tap into all that you can of Troy’s wisdom, products and services." 

Tom Beal

CEO RemarkableMarketing.com

A revelation that something so personal like success can actually be personal, objective and measurable. This is something that took me years to uncover and then put into a framework that was personal enough to work for anyone.

The most common traits successful entrepreneurs possess so that you can begin to model them and include them in your life. Yes, success leaves clues, but you have to recognize them, understand what they are, and then incorporate them into your life.

How to map obtuse goals into simple mathematical representations of success so that you can track them, measure them and compare your progress over time.

Learn to finally define where you are on your path and accept it for what it is. I spent years fighting myself internally without this knowledge — trust me, its not a path you want to go down.

A simple, customizable formula that transforms the obscure concept of success into simple math. This gives you the confidence to know exactly where you are and how far you have to go.

Learn the truth about “balance” and why its one of the greatest lies of all. In fact, learn how to binge instead for far greater reward.

A “fill in the blanks” custom worksheet so you can create, score and monitor your own personalized success formula.

36 unique examples of success characteristics each giving you a model to follow in your own entrepreneurial business and personal life as well.

Unique perspectives from Winston Churchill to the late coach John Wooden all about how they defined success. This helps you define your own vision of what success means to you so that you can actually attain it.

Youll uncover the not too easily understood reason why being able to define your own success even matters, something that took me decades to figure out on my own.

A very personal story of a dear friend of mine and the fate he suffered because he could not come to grip with this powerful distinction, one that so severe can actually become life threatening if not understood and managed.

Why “doing your best” has no place in the minds of successful entrepreneurs and how it's really just an excuse for _____ instead.

          Most importantly, however, youll begin to finally understand how you can define, score and manipulate your own success to engineer a more productive and yes, even happier, life.

          While this book is fairly short, it’s one of the most important ones Ive written. Clarity and insight, after all, are not determined by the number of pages they are revealed in.

          You'll get to enjoy this book in print form (shipped directly to you most anywhere in the world), but also the narrated audio version available directly within my mobile app to be enjoyed and listened to over and over again, wherever and whenever you like.

          But you’ll get more than just this book, youll also get:

inspired, like on my morning walks. Some of my most raw and fun content is reserved just for this private podcast, and ONLY for active subscribers.

~ * ~

Tirades of a Technologist

          This is a private podcast where I let it all hang out, anytime, anywhere! Since it's just a simple audio podcast it's very fun and easy for me. 

          You'll find me recording content while waiting in the car running errands or anywhere else I feel so 

          Listen to me very carefully. If you’re not a deep thinker and an action taker then you're better off NOT buying. Yes the content is superb. Yes, each and every Memoir of Mastery is packed with tons of actionable content and training. But nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will come from your subscription if you do not take action.

          This subscription and membership has been created specifically for action takers and high performance business owners and entrepreneurs.

          But if you aren’t an action taker you’ll get nothing out of it at all.

          Let’s do the math for a minute... your Memoirs subscription is only $3.26 a day! Seriously, you likely spend more of that on your coffee, mochas, energy drinks or other sugar-laden drink du jour each day.

          And though the quick sugar fix is nice and sweet... and maybe that Monster energy drink gives you a quick pick me up...

          Memoirs of Mastery will keep you going day after day, month after month, generating more revenue with each juicy monthly edition.






          Everything you need is included to ensure that this is YOUR year!

          As long as you show up live on the call, you can ask me anything you like about marketing, business, automation, software & tech, or anything else business related and I’ll be happy to answer.

          My mastermind clients pay $30k per year to work with me. My private clients pay $10k per day and $5k per month to get access to me. My group coaching clients pay $499 a month. And, on the rare occasion that I do a paid speaking engagement, I get $2k per hour or more plus expenses.

          But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that amount to get access to me each month. Nope, it's included for FREE as part of your subscription each month.

          I like to get to know my subscribers, my clients, my clients’ businesses... over time this means that you’ll get more and more value from me each month. Because each month our relationship will deepen and my understanding of your business and how I can serve you will also deepen.

          Translation? You get more value every month you stay subscribed.

          Each and every month I create a new Memoir of Mastery video training released into my private Memoirs subscriber only app. You can watch it or switch it into audio mode and listen while out on a walk.  And yes, each is available on desktop as well if you prefer that over the mobile app.

          What is a Memoir?

          Each training is a very deep dive into one specific topic that I have mastery level experience in. This is not theoretical teaching, this is hardcore hands on experience based best practices from in the trenches. I call it a Memoir because memoirs are lived, they are experiences... these are mine.

          I loathe the vast majority of this industry where people teach what they’ve been taught but never practiced. You won’t get any of that horsesh*t from me. I only teach what I have practiced, honed and refined for years. 

          Each volume truly is a Memoir of Mastery and a framework for you to adapt and adopt into your business. I say a framework, because it’s not a step-by-step paint by numbers system... instead, it’s an adaptive framework that you can selectively apply as it fits you and your business.

          I'm a content creating fool, lemme tell ya.

          Each and every week I’m creating hours of new and fresh content — writing my daily email, writing books, doing podcast interviews, ranting about the latest tech trend driving me batshit crazy, hosting mastermind calls, hosting coaching calls and even a couple of private clients that I support weekly. 

          All of that is just my weekly work... not to mention my other ongoing product commitments like here with the Memoirs of Mastery and others that I run. So yeah, I’m generating a lot of content.

          So... why not one more stream of it?

          Introducing my private podcast, just for Memoirs of Mastery subscribers...

“I had a successful business that generated all of its sales online. I had all the old school basic elements in place. Troy took my business and updated not only the look and feel of the site but how effectively we deal with customers from initial contact through marketing and customer service.

Infusionsoft & automation, like Photoshop, can seem expansive and be a bit daunting. Troy helped pull it all together by not only setting it up but teaching us how to maintain, manage and get the most out of it. I’m confident Troy has helped us build the foundation necessary to take my business to the next level and beyond and look professional doing it.”

Dennis Linkletter


~ * ~

"Massive thanks to Troy Broussard who clarified exactly how to track ROI ad spend through Infusionsoft in a way I've never seen done before. I highly recommend Troy for anyone who uses Infusionsoft or any other marketing automation and wants clear and actionable conversion tracking - definitely the guy to call when it comes to making Infusionsoft really work for your funnels..."

Naomi Kuttner

Solo-Entrepreneur, New Zealand

~ * ~

“Troy is one of those ‘crazy types’ that pushes the limits of Infusionsoft beyond what even IS thought was possible.  It is very much worth your time to check out what they do – and if you ever have an unsolvable issue, it’s likely they can solve it for you...” 

Will Mitchell, Co-Founder

StartupBros.com, Tampa Bay, Florida

~ * ~

"I am not very easily impressed, but can confidently say that Troy is truly an expert in the field. During my one-on-one mentoring calls with Troy, I am left with complete satisfaction and an awareness that “this guy knows what he is talking about.” He is very clear, has impeccable "best business" practices, and is generous with his information. I wish I found him when I first started using Infusionsoft. His methods and logic are awesome!"

Kc Rossi


~ * ~

"Can I just do another huge Thank You to Troy Broussard and his team - they really have an amazing knowledge of Infusionsoft. We have been having an issue that Infusionsoft customer support has been completely confused by - yet they came up with two potential solutions for us in just 10 minutes! Much, much appreciated!"

Heloise Laight, Canonbury Publishing, UK

  • Monthly video Memoir delivered to your greedy little palm each and every month via my app.
  • Memoirs of Mastery Debriefs “extra” insights into the monthly training as well as exercises for you to implement the monthly lessons easier so that we can get you into the profits faster each and every month.
  • Defining Success print book and some other print goodies delivered in the first month's welcome kit that will get you off to a fast start!
  • Tirades of a Technologist bonus private audio podcast exclusively for subscribers of Memoirs of Mastery with random episodes posted various times per month as I feel so inspired
  • Even a PDF Workbook to get you off of the stuck on stupid step and moving forward with every single month.

          My time alone is worth far more than the mere $98 a month you’ll pay for access and I can tell you, when I first got started, I wasted so many thousands of dollars... all because I didn’t have someone that “had my back”.

          So, here’s the deal...

          You’ll get Memoirs of Mastery delivered to your digital doorstep via my mobile app for a mere $98 each month as well as all of the other goodies too!

  • You’ll get me each and every month, LIVE on two calls to help you go deeper, answer your questions, anything you need.

          And, as if that were not enough to convince you yet...

          To get started, simply click the Join Now link below and we’ll things moving right away for you. You’ll receive an email from me welcoming you and providing you with instant access.

          The monthly Memoirs will be sent to you on or about the first of the month directly within your app. Digital access will vary as content is created and published at various time during the month.

          All that’s left for you to do is click the Join Now link below and let’s get this party started!

          P.S.  If you have any issues trying to place an order, simply email me at help [at] troybroussard.com and I or my staff will get back to you shortly. If it’s on the weekend or after hours, please be patient... occasionally, in between content creation and running 5 companies, I sleep a little...  :-)


          This is a physically shipped product and I do not issue refunds. So if that alarms you or you’re one of those “gotta have a guarantee” when absolutely no one on the planet can guarantee you anything (even that they’ll be alive the next day), well... then this is NOT the subscription for you.

          You can cancel your subscription at any time without hassle by simply emailing me at help [at] troybroussard.com and your subscription will be immediately terminated and you will not receive any further monthly charges. Understand that cancelling forfeits all access to any digital content contained within this subscription and means you will not be able to return to resubscribe at a later date.

          Your subscription to the Memoirs of Mastery also includes twice a month LIVE Zoom calls with me to keep you dialed in, on target and accountable. I always find it amusing that my competitors out there like to refer to themselves as “mentors” and yet provide no actual live mentoring?

          That’s just not the way I roll.

Just $98 a month!

          Yep... it’s that simple. For just $3.26 a day you can supercharge your business starting today. 

What do I get when I buy today?

          When you buy today you will get some information right away and the print issue and Defining Success print book will come later, bundled together with some other “goodies” (I don’t want to ruin the surprise).

          Here’s what you will get immediate access to via the Troy Broussard mobile app, hosted on my Learnistic platform.

  • The audio version of the Defining Success book
  • The audio version to another book (a surprise unannounced bonus) 
  • Full access to all of the monthly call recordings from the previous months
  • Full Access to the Tirades of a Technologist private, member only podcast
  • Full Access to my Mastery Video Collection — various videos that supplement the issues or are just random video trainings I've created for you.

          So yes, you'll have plenty to dive into while you await your first monthly digital drop of Memoirs of Mastery and the Defining Success book is the perfect place to start.

Is Memoirs of Mastery newbie friendly?

          Yes and no.

          Yes it absolutely can help newbies as it makes no assumptions as to where you are in your journey. In fact, it’s ideal for newbies in that sense because it will save you from wasting 10s of thousands of dollars on stuff you dont need.

          No because it depends upon your mindset. Many newbies dont have the committed mindset — to stick to it, to complete, to finish...

          If youre a squirrel looking for magic potions and secret formulas like all of the online self-appointed gurus pander, then this is NOT the right place for you. It is absolutely for SERIOUS entrepreneurs committed to rolling up their sleeves and doing the work.

Who is Memoirs of Mastery for? 

          Memoirs of Mastery is about online business mastery. If you run an online business or are a professional services provider, its for YOU.

          That, of course, includes authors, coaches, consultants, trainers, info product creators, influencers & podcasters (if you make money or want to make money), or any other form of entrepreneurial business either already established online or wanting to get online.

          The single biggest requirement is that you are a deep and strategic thinker, do not possess a get-rich-quick mindset, and are looking to find ways to make more money without working as hard, by going deeper into your niche and profession, becoming a Master.

I live internationally, do you ship overseas?

          Generally yes. We ship to most countries via FedEx with tracking. There are some countries that we cannot ship to, but if we are not able to ship your welcome kit to you for any reason, you will be offered a refund if you wish, but since the book is also audibly narrated in the app it is up to you.

Is it true you ban people who cancel from resubscribing?

          Yes, it is. This is a program for serious business men and women who are committed to their craft and their business. At just $3.26 a day, there’s simply no one that is serious about their business and that is running a legit business that cannot afford it.

          So if you cancel it just means that you either dont see the value or are not implementing it. Either way, I dont judge, but either way it demonstrates a lack of commitment and rules you out as someone I want in the group.

          Im military and I like to work with those that are committed. Either take the hill or dont, but don’t “try”.

          I know the massive amount of value in this subscription. Each monthly Memoir has decades of blood, sweat and tears built into it and each comes loaded with experience and education that easily is worth the entire annual cost of the membership... IF... if you put it to work.

          If you dont put it to work, then its not worth anything at all, now or later.

How do I cancel?

          Simply email help [at] troybroussard.com to cancel at anytime. There are no refunds, however. We will process your cancellation promptly, just make sure to do so at least (2) business days prior to renewal to allow for processing.

          NOTE: You will still have the print items that are shipped with your welcome kit, however, digital access to the app will be revoked upon cancellation and is only provided to active subscribers.

Do you accept PayPal?


Do you offer a trial plan or trial issue?

          No... and yes... This program is not for those that want to “try”, it’s for those that want to become Masters in their field. If you do not see the value after reading this entire sales letter in learning from my Mastery, and if you are not willing to risk a measly $98 to improve your business, then this program is NOT for you. That being said, when you opt onto my list you get a free issue in audible form of my first Memoirs of Mastery volume. So in that sense, you can already get an idea of the quality of the content delivered.

Do I get access to back issues when I buy today?

          No. When you subscribe you will receive the next months Memoir. Occasionally I may send out promotions to purchase previous Memoirs, the first two years of which were print books, but there are no promises as to when or if I do this.

Just $98 a month!

If you can’t define it, how can you possibly attain it?

          I know, that seems such a casual statement, but there is clarity in that statement, painful clarity. At your core if you really have not defined to yourself what success for you looks like, you will simply never be able to attain it or be content and peaceful about it. It will always elude you.

          Defining Success is more than just a book or a teaching however, it is also a tool. Inside the book I give you access to a Google Sheet that will allow you to take the esoteric concept of success and break it down into an objective formula that you can define, track and ATTAIN!

          This one book alone make these entire membership a no-brainer and will give you so much clarity in your business that it will reshape the very nature of how you think about business.

What you get with your 

Memoirs of Mastery Monthly Subscription