Make An Impact, Become An Author

         If you’ve ever felt like you have a book inside you, just waiting to come out, watching this webinar could change your life. The biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs today is standing out. 

         Learn how one single book has generated over $327k in backend revenue on this power packed presentation.

  • The critical distinction between "writing" and "sculpting" your book and why you cannot afford to not know the difference
  • How to ensure you get your book done in 30 days!
  • Finally unlock the "Psychology of Change" to overcome the roadblocks that have held you back.


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Troy A. Broussard

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When:   Thursday @ 3pm EST 

(In Just 30 Days Start to Finish)

Tom Beal

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Troy A. Broussard, "Mr. Prolific"

          Troy is a prolific author of 24 books, 20 in the past 13 months and 6 in just the last 30 days. He coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs each month in two separate coaching programs and writes a book every month for his Memoirs of Mastery subscribers. He also runs multiple SaaS (software) platforms, including,, and

Tom Beal, "The Simplifier"

          Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and ready to bring your results to a whole new level? Tom helps you reach your next level, regardless of obstacles or roadblocks that have prevented you from breaking through the plateau you've reached, up to this point.

          Troy has a unique history of massively shifting people's habits through his mastery of the "Psychology of Change". He's even helped numerous big guys lose a 100 pounds or more and keep it off, all through the ability to influence change and habits. While weight loss has nothing to do with getting your book done... "change" has EVERYTHING to do with it. As it takes a change in the mindset and habits that have led to your book hiding within you instead of published and having an impact.

          But just writing a book is NOT good enough. You need to "sculpt" that book into a revenue creating machine and that is what Troy really excels at. In this training Troy breaks down the critical distinctions between just writing a book, and authoring a highly sculpted and effective money making book. Troy brings his background as a Navy Nuclear Engineer, submariner and a tenacious and relentless creator to bear to help you make massive shifts in your business and life.

"Success is easy... like Marine Corps Boot Camp!"

          After being born to teenagers, raised around 4 divorces & 6 marriages, going to 9 different schools by 8th grade, and raised on welfare...

          Tom was able to become a National Bicycle Champion, the #1 Honor Graduate in Marine Corps Boot Camp at Parris Island, recipient of 3 meritorious promotions in 4 years while in the Marine Corps, #1 in 5 sales organizations, Publisher of The North Carolina Home Book, and President of Kelly-Media, Inc (a Jim Kelly - NFL HOF QB company), side by side with Mike Filsaime from 2006-2011, producing over $20 million in online results, and President of Strategic Profits for Rich Schefren for 2.5 years, from 2011-2013

          Tom will assist you in understanding that it doesn't matter where you came from or where you may be right now; there are steps you can take TODAY which can lead you to fulfilling your dreams, personally & professionally.