“STOP wasting your money on fancy email funnels!” declares world’s #1 email automation specialist, whose clients have paid him over $100,000 to build a single funnel. “I can show you — in just two hours — how to get far MORE sales & engagement with far LESS time & money, by mastering just a handful of dead-simple…

“Core Campaigns”

Learn The Simple “Must-Have” Email Campaigns Every Business Needs — No Matter Your Niche, Market, Or Email Platform — In Just 2 Hours Of Your Time!

Hey, Troy Broussard here…

And if you’d like the rare ability to increase sales & engagement for practically any business ‘on demand’ — merely by installing a handful of simple email campaigns you can learn in a few minutes each — then my new course can show you how.

Here’s the deal:

Over the past 15 years I have been secretly compiling a list of simple email campaigns, which I call my:

Before now there wasn’t really a way to learn all these campaigns.

For starters, nobody else has even seen my list of “Core Campaigns” except the private clients who’ve paid me to install these campaigns in their email apps.

In fact, most of these campaigns are NOT obvious… NOT widely used… and you sure as hell WON’T find them taught anywhere else! (Or even worse, you’ll find them taught in a way that would actively harm your business to use them — seen plenty of that in my time…)

But now for the first time… 

I’ve decided to put them ALL into my new course:

Core Campaigns


          I do not issue refunds on digital trainings. So if that alarms you or you’re one of those “gotta have a guarantee” when absolutely no one on the planet can guarantee you anything (even that they’ll be alive the next day), well... then this is NOT the product for you.

Just $495 !

These “Core Campaigns” are my favorite & most-used campaigns from my years as (to quote my business partner Ben Settle…) “the world’s #1 email automation specialist”.

During this time I worked with clients like Perry Marshall, Ryan Levesque, and Kevin Rogers… literally “wrote the book” on Infusionsoft… and personally built some of the most sophisticated email funnels known to man — including one funnel so complex, it took a month to build & cost my client $130,000… so yeah, I had plenty of chances to experiment with all kinds of campaigns, in almost every industry, niche, market & business model imaginable.

But unlike some of the more… shall we say… ‘elaborate’ funnels I built my clients… 

These “Core Campaigns” I’m telling you about today are all…

Ultra-Simple & Easy

For Anyone to Build

Many of them are super short, just a few emails.

And most can be built in an evening or less, using simple ‘off-the-shelf’ automations available in most email platforms.

But MOST importantly:

I believe that any copywriter, marketer or business owner who learns how to build this handful of simple email campaigns will possess…

The Almost ‘God-Like’ Power

To Increase Sales & Engagement

In Practically ANY Business!

Now, don’t get me wrong. These campaigns aren’t a magic wand and if you treat your list like garbage — focusing on short term tactical crap instead of building a real relationship — they won’t do you much good.

But if you have a good list that you treat right… mailing it regularly… and nurturing a relationship… then installing these “Core Campaigns” is like pouring jet fuel onto the fire!

Some cover marketing & promotion… others cover product fulfillment… still others focus on engagement & consumption. So when you implement them you should see improvements in just about everything — from sales, to engagement, to customer retention.


Here's why

I'm telling you all this:

Core Campaigns

This course costs just $495 and you can finish it in only two hours.

And it will teach you the complete set of my “Core Campaigns”, these fundamental email campaigns that every business should have.

They work for:

  • Any email platform —  No funnel builder or complicated tech required, you’ll find the necessary automations in basically every email software or CRM 
  • Any experience level — Simple enough for even a beginner to set up, while the advanced psychology behind some of them will enlighten even the most masterful marketers
  • Any business model — They work whether you sell professional services, information, software, or any other business model
  • Any industry or niche — I’ve used them for dozens of my private clients across many industries… as well across my own various businesses

For each campaign you get my high level explanation, the psychology behind it, and how to adapt it to your business. 

But it’s not just obtuse theory… 

I also explain practically how to implement each campaign, including (where relevant) details like:

Specific subject lines…

  • The style to use when writing them…
  • Email frequency…
  • Campaign length…
  • And even the exact timing (in minutes, hours or days) between emails where necessary.

So yeah… even if you’re a raw ‘newbie’ to all this stuff… with this course you will have practically everything you need ‘at your fingertips’!

But I will warn you… the two things I DON’T give you are (a) pre-written “swipe” copy for each campaign or (b) screen-by-screen instructions for how to set it up in your email platform. Like everything I do… these campaigns are delivered as a FRAMEWORK for you to adapt, not a set of templates for you to mindlessly “swipe”.

And besides: 

My goal was to keep this course SHORT so that…

You Can Watch The Entire Course This Evening… 

Build Your First Campaign TONIGHT… 

And Start Making More Sales As Soon As TOMORROW!

Seriously — this course is designed to “pay for itself” and put money back in your pocket as soon as your very first campaign.

And even better:

After watching this course just once… you’ll know how to build & install these campaigns for ANY business you own, work for, or consult with, now or in future… forever. (Particularly valuable if you’re a marketer or copywriter who works with multiple clients, and you can keep these “Core Campaigns” in your back pocket whenever you need.)

Anyway, if that sounds good to you…

Here’s just SOME of 

what you will learn in this training:

  • The automated campaign which runs continuously in the background and “tricks” Gmail into boosting the deliverability of your regular broadcasts
  • The exact 13 best days to send follow-up emails to a customer in the 6 months after they buy a high-ticket course from you! (This VERY COOL post-purchase campaign is based on an ancient Italian mathematical formula used in stock trading prediction algorithms. And no, it’s not metaphysical BS or hype. As my private client & “Australia’s best copywriter” Daniel Throssell told me: “This campaign is actually GENIUS. I’m already implementing it for my own products, using those exact dates!”)
  • A sneaky line you can add to your welcome email that makes it almost neurologically impossible for someone not to reply — WITHOUT offering any bribe, freebie or giveaway (this involves serious psychology!)
  • How to “jury-rig” a widely-available email automation to secretly calculate which product a new subscriber is MOST likely to buy — then automatically trigger offers for THAT product! (Simple 2-step setup procedure is explained in my “Product Exposure” core campaign)
  • The email you should send 22 to 27 minutes after someone joins your list (yep… there is a very specific reason for that timeframe which you will understand when you see the email)
  • A subtle advertising mistake most businesses make that literally filters out high-net-worth leads from seeing your ads — without you even knowing
  • A nifty tagging maneuver for keeping your list organised during promotions (I teach this FIRST in the course because it’s such a fundamental skill, and you can use it for any campaign you ever build, not just my “Core Campaigns”)
  • The “One Thing” core campaign you should send immediately after your welcome sequence!
  • A sneaky campaign for re-engaging with cooled-off leads by 1) wishing them a “happy birthday” when it’s not their birthday 2) following it with a very specific message (don’t skip this second step or it will backfire)
  • The best way to recycle old ‘junk’ helpdesk tickets to boost engagement & retention
  • My “Double Squeeze” core campaign (an approach to selling I have never seen anyone else teaching) you can reuse over and over every time you need an infusion of quick cash 
  • My “barbecue handshake” method for “banging out” a welcome email with ease — even if writing copy is like pulling teeth for you
  • A post-purchase campaign that allows you to “disguise” cross-sells, upsells & affiliate offers to your buyers so well, not only will they not notice… but they’ll probably write to THANK you for the “valuable” email…
  • A clever way to “harvest” glowing testimonials for your new product (which you can legally claim came from ‘paying customers’!) BEFORE you’ve even begun selling it to your list
  • Why restricting a promotion to an interested ‘sub-list’ (like most people do) is a mistake — and what I do instead (there’s a clever way to “have your cake and eat it too” using tagging, and I’ll show it to you…)
  • The exact best time window to ask for a testimonial in a post-purchase campaign (it’s NOT when most marketers do it…)
  • Why quizzes & surveys are the WORST way to find out what your list wants to buy — and my ingenious “Quizzes Be Damned” core campaign that will find out what they will ACTUALLY buy with almost 100% accuracy! (NOTE: You’ll need the ability to create a pdf to execute this, as well as a bit of simple automation that I’ll explain to you in the campaign — but it will be more accurate than any quiz you have ever used, trust me) 

Seriously… it’s crazy how much I’ve fit into just two hours for you.

Now like I said before… to learn my entire set of “Core Campaigns” will cost you a one-time payment of just $495.

No it’s not “cheap”… but it is very “affordable”. Especially considering you are getting 15 years of expertise (which my clients have paid thousands of dollars for).

So yeah… “Core Campaigns” would be a steal at that price if that was ALL you got.

But just because I want to OVERDELIVER for you… I went in and threw in…

A Bonus FREE 

Deliverability Training!

After all, none of your shiny new “Core Campaigns” will do you any good if you don’t get them delivered.

So in this FREE bonus 1-hour training I’ll show you almost everything I’ve learned from building my own email platform, BerserkerMail, designed around one thing… maximum inbox deliverability!

You’ll discover how deliverability really works … how to quickly & easily boost yours … as well as tons of hidden gems like:

  • A little-known way to quickly & cheaply generate a report of EVERY single email on your email list, showing whether it’s a legitimate account or a deliverability-destroying “spam trap”
  • The TRUTH about whether you should remove people who haven’t engaged with your emails for 90 days (if you think you know the answer to this one… think again…)
  • How often to scrub your list (especially once you get over 1,000 subscribers)
  • A common email design mistake that instantly flags your email as potential racist hate speech! (It doesn’t matter what YOUR politics on free speech are — all the Big Tech companies receiving your email have very clear views and will NOT hesitate to throw your emails into spam…)
  • Why  “catch-all” email addresses usually (but not always) hurt your deliverability … and how to handle any that you find on your email list
  • When to invest in a dedicated IP server (and when you don’t need to worry)
  • The spooky truth about Yahoo’s “poisoned” spam-trap accounts that literally ‘chip away’ at your deliverability every single time you send an email to them! (And how to identify & boot them from your list…)
  • Why changing email platforms won’t fix bad deliverability (even though it used to… but I’ll show you what to do instead)
  • How to warm up a large list for a heavy launch (without getting your account disabled from spam complaints) if you have less than a month to prepare for it
  • And more… as in… a LOT more!

Again… I am including this training, for FREE, as my gift to you when you buy “Core Campaigns”. Because I want you to get the MOST out of your investment… and knowing how to get your “core campaigns” delivered is just as important as knowing how to build them.

And between this bonus training…

And my full set of “Core Campaigns”, which contain 15 years of wisdom on email automation, marketing, copywriting, and sales psychology… with my practical advice on how to write them, the exact timing to use, frequency, style, and everything else I give you…

I Practically Can’t Add ANY More Value

Short Of Logging Into Your Email Platform 

And Building Your Campaigns FOR You!

Frankly, just writing this all out makes me want to raise the price even more.

And I probably will very soon (I’ve already raised the price once).

But for now… you can still get “Core Campaigns” for just $495.

There are, however, absolutely no refunds or guarantees. And you will need a smartphone to access the course. So please understand that before you buy.

If you want it, use the Buy Now button below to get your copy:

What is a campaign? 

How did you get this far down this page without knowing what a campaign is? Haha… okay, so campaigns are also called autoresponders or email sequences — all the same thing. A campaign is a series of emails that are pre-written and sent out on a “trigger”, automatically. So, in the example I already used, when someone buys something (the trigger), you send out one or more automated emails. That is an example of a simple campaign. 

I’m a copywriter, is Core Campaigns right for me?

Yep… these “Core Campaigns” are perfect for copywriters! These campaigns are crucial for practically every business… which means they make excellent projects to pitch your clients on, while they’ll also love you for adding value to their business with these simple campaigns. You could easily offer several or all of my “Core Campaigns” as a pre-packaged service you offer. Plus the deliverability training you get as a free bonus will be very useful for email copywriters.

I own a business, is Core Campaigns right for me?

Yes… if you own a business, it’s likely you will benefit from most, if not all, of these campaigns. They are all so simple that you can build them all yourself without any advanced automation knowledge, no need to hire a copywriter if you don’t want to. However if you want to hire a copywriter it will be very easy to explain to them what they need to do with the simple instructions in this course.

What are the campaigns about? 

They cover all sorts of things. Some campaigns are marketing and promotional based, others are fulfillment based, yet others are about engagement and consumption. So for each of these I give very specific advice on how to get the most out of them and keep you focused on the goal of the campaign. 

Is this training complex? I really don’t want to go overboard with this stuff?  

Nope, not at all. The entire training is less than two hours in length and provides you with simple high level strategic guidance. It doesn’t require any special tech and most any autoresponder can implement what I teach. 


Is there a lot of work involved? I really don’t have a lot of time… 

No, not at all. Some of these campaigns are as simple as just a couple of emails long. Pretty simple stuff. 

Some of the other campaigns that do require more emails, you can do over time and keep expanding the campaign out, adding more to the bottom of it in time. 

Do you show me how to create the campaigns in [Aweber/Drip/Constant Contact/Infusionsoft/Other]? 

No. This is not a “step-by-step” screen recording. I’m providing you the high level guidance of what to write, how to write it, the psychology behind the campaigns and specific insights into getting the most out of them. But I’m not showing you how to use your own email platform. That’s why this works with any platform. 

But also know that we’re not doing any crazy wild automation stuff here. Simply starting a campaign, that’s it. No branching logic or crazy stuff at all. Super simple. 


How long is the training? 

Just under two hours in length. Or, a bit over an hour if you listen to it on 1.5x speed (which you can do in my app) — quick and to the point. My goal is not to pontificate and ramble, but to give you exactly what you need to put this in place before the end of the weekend — maybe even sooner — on at least one of these campaigns. 


How many emails go into these campaigns? Am I gonna be writing until the virtual cows come home? 

Haha… no cows involved or waiting on virtual cows, I promise. Seriously though, some of these campaigns are just a couple of emails long. Nothing crazy at all. 

Some others involve writing several emails, but you can add to them over time. Write a few, get it launched, then add one more to the campaign each week to stay in front of people. Pretty simple stuff, nothing to stress over for sure. 


          I do not issue refunds on digital trainings. So if that alarms you or you’re one of those “gotta have a guarantee” when absolutely no one on the planet can guarantee you anything (even that they’ll be alive the next day), well... then this is NOT the product for you.

Just $495 !