Former Navy Nuclear Engineer 

Reveals Dozens Of “Caveman Friendly” 

Email Automation Strategies 

Used By His 7, 8, & 9-Figure Clients 

Who Are Terrified Of Technology!

Dear Friend, 

          Navy nuclear engineer-turned world renown email automation specialist Troy Broussard has just published a video course packed with dozens of tricks that can help almost anyone with an email list potentially nab thousands... tens of thousands... and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business.

          The course is called:

"Automation Magic"

          It’s designed to help both “tech caveman” newbies and experienced pros already making millions per year almost effortlessly (behind the scenes) close more new customers & clients... prevent churn & or having to chase fees... and automate dozens of other nagging business, prospecting, & marketing tasks — all explained in a way even someone who can barely work a toaster can understand.

          To prove it, here's a small glimpse at what’s inside:

  • Creepy (but totally legal) ways to use Orwellian "big brother"-like methods to track your lists’, prospects’ & leads’ every move.
  • A cunning little strategy for tracking which exact social media posts (that aren’t directly selling anything) are profitable and which ones aren’t.
  • A secret way to make sales from people who unsubscribe from your email lists!
  • Clear & straight-forward tips eCommerce businesses can sometimes use to radically increase sales. (Including a step-by-step example of how Troy tripled the size of a 7-figure eCommerce business in just 7 months!)
  • A very basic automation technique for turning free speaking or podcast appearances into cash in the bank.
  • Two “Troy approved” & fairly-priced services you can outsource to if you want help setting up your marketing automation, or don’t want to do it yourself. (Plus, his best tips based on his experiences from hiring hundreds of people from Upwork, if you want to use that site.)
  • An almost spooky-effective selling strategy for freelancers & coaches that can potentially make high ticket clients feel (literally) “destined” to want to hire you!
  • A shockingly simple secret for combating lost recurring sales due to credit card security breaches.
  • An automation “twist” that can get more people than usual flocking to your webinars... even if your emails promoting those webinars are eaten by spam filters!
  • The “anti-marketing” method businesses with small lists can use to potentially double or even triple sales. (Believe it or not, approaching marketing like this is how one of Troy's companies did over $700,000 in revenue with a list of only 780 people. And it is also how I launched a 6-figure per year paid newsletter to a list of only around 3,000 people when I first sold Email Players.)
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to profit from prospects who don’t finish watching your video content!
  • A shrewd way to possibly save hundreds of dollars on your email broadcasting/autoresponder service fees.
  • A really simple email automation trick for putting affiliates “in heat” to mail for your offers more frequently and make you more sales.
  • A cheap way to all but eliminate support headaches from customers not getting passwords due to spam filters, duplicate emails, or not seeing your links.
  • How affiliate marketers can automate bribe, bonus, & premium delivery.
  • An almost laughably simple way to track ROI from podcast interviews, speaking gigs, radio ads, or anywhere else where people aren’t able to click a link.
  • A deviously clever automation secret that can help stop cart abandonment dead in its tracks!
  • How copywriters, coaches, consultants, and other services can sometimes almost completely...

Troy A. Broussard

"Maestro" Of Marketing Automation

"As a former CIA agent, trust is everything and that is why I chose to trust my business to Troy."

— Jason Hanson

Former CIA agent

     "A person who is thoroughly knowledgeable about Infusionsoft mechanics AND strategy is automatically one of the most valuable players on any team."

— Perry Marshall

(From the Forward of Troy’s bestselling book Infusionsoft Mastery)

     "…Troy is a rare breed, he can effectively communicate with the best of marketers as well as the non-verbal techies. Frankly there is no one better when it comes to Infusionsoft. He is truly the Master!"

— MaryEllen Tribby Consultant & coach who has run multi-million dollar divisions of companies such as Forbes, Crain’s New York Business and Times Mirror Magazines

Introducing The Mystery Man Behind The Marketing Automation Of Some Of The Richest & Most Successful Businesses On The Internet

     Troy Broussard is a former Navy nuclear engineer, enterprise-class software developer, & API-level marketing automation specialist who has built multiple multi-million dollar software, SaaS, SEO, and native app businesses.

      He is also the author of the bestselling book Infusionsoft Mastery, and is the most respected & sought-after email automation consultant on the planet.

      His radical insights, ideas, & teachings about email automation have gotten praise from direct marketing industry leaders (like Perry Marshall, who wrote the intro to Troy’s Infusionsoft Mastery book), New York Times Bestselling authors, as well as former-CIA & other high-level clientele in the business world’s most prestigious & respected inner circles.

      For the last 12 years Troy has created automation campaigns for dozens of his 7, 8, & even 9-figure clients, helping them collectively earn well over $150 million in sales and climbing.

      Other than speaking at events, attending high-priced masterminds, and tending to his private clients, Troy has mostly stayed out of the limelight. But recently, he has put his most profitable, "caveman friendly" email & marketing automation strategies he uses for his own business and his best clients (who themselves are often intimidated by technology) into a video course that is easy to learn and simple to use — even for raw, "fresh off the turnip truck" newbies.

      He calls this video course:

“Automation Magic”

      The secrets inside can be used by info publishers to sell more books & courses... freelancers & coaches to acquire & close more high ticket clients… as well as affiliate marketers, podcasters, eCommerce store owners, and other solo entrepreneurs to track leads, amp-up sales, and potentially eliminate the uncertainty about where that next lead/client/sale is going to come from. All automated and conducted by technology for you "behind the scenes."

      And even though Automation Magic is worth hundreds more, you can save $100 today:

Buy Automation Magic

Eliminate Chargeback Fraud

From Crooked Clients

Trying To Rob You

Of Your Hard-Earned Fees!

       This is extremely timely & valuable info.

       And, frankly, it could be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in saved fees, time, and headaches if you sell any kind of service using a merchant account. (Including Stripe or PayPal).


       Because with the economy tanking, chargeback fraud is only getting worse with nefarious people crawling out of the woodwork to exploit desperate freelance services. But as long as you do your work as agreed upon with your clients, you probably won't ever have to worry about that. Because Troy reveals an almost childishly simple automation trick he once used to get a $10,000 fraudulent chargeback dropped, and has helped some of his clients do the same since.

       Here are even more secrets inside Automation Magic:

  • A bizarre (yet ingenious) way to potentially build out an online business into 6 or 7 figures over time without needing a "funnel." (The anti-funnel model Troy teaches inside completely defies everything your favorite guru is teaching you on the subject — with no super expensive, geeked-out technology needed, or $300/month funnel software necessary.)
  • How to price your upsells when selling continuity or subscription based offers.
  • The real life “churn conspiracy” email platforms engage in every single day... that fools even their biggest fans & most loyal customers! (Troy “names names” while exposing several dirty secrets & telling numerious client horror stories he’s personally experienced with the most popular platforms — including Convertkit, Mailchimp, Drip, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Aweber, Ontraport, and ActiveCampaign. Most of these companies have a lot of great features & do good work. But it is wise to know what to expect before investing even a penny of your money or second of your time with them.)
  • An old school direct mail tactic (“adapted” to email automation) that is so powerful it can sometimes turn $50 buyers into $5,000 buyers! (Troy’s had clients pay him tens of thousands of dollars on the spot just to create automation campaigns that do this. But you can learn it for less than the cost of your monthly Netflix subscription inside Automation Magic if you act today.)
  • The first and most important thing to do if your email broadcasting and/or shopping cart service ever de-platforms you. (This can happen to you at any time, for any reason, and with any service — without warning or even doing anything “wrong.” There are psychopaths who literally do nothing all day but stalk social media & report to the accounts of various cart & email providers businesses and people they disagree with, are jealous of, or who they simply don’t like for political, ideological, or any other bat shit crazy reason — real or imagined. If it happens to you, don’t panic. Simply follow Troy’s instructions inside Automation Magic, and you should be able to get all your data without any drama, or having to fight for it in court.)
  • The exact best type of offer to sell when the economy goes to hell in a hand basket.
  • How to use Zapier with email & cart platforms that it does not integrate with. (Zapier integrates with some 2,000,000 software platforms. But some popular email & cart companies still don’t play nice with it. If you want to use the power of Zapier to automate your business, but use a platform they don’t connect with, simply follow Troy’s instructions in Automation Magic and you should be able to pull it off in most cases.)
  • A neat little trick shy copywriters & coaches can use to qualify & close high dollar clients.
  • A "battle tested" way for using self deprecating copy to recapture lost sales.
  • Why there is no “best” email platform when it comes to delivery. (Anyone telling you otherwise is either lying through their teeth, shilling for an affiliate commission, or has no clue what they are talking about. This isn’t even coming from Troy — it’s from what he’s learned working with and being consulted by some of the top email service providers on the planet, who know exactly what the inbox gatekeepers at Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc want to see.)
  • The single worst email platform to use if you sell to businesses with 500 employees or more. (Ironically, this is the exact same email platform many internet guru-types who sell to businesses employing 500 or more people use themselves, and tell their friends to use.)
  • An inside look at how to migrate your customer list from one platform to another. (Troy has migrated lists to and from all kinds of platforms for dozens of clients, and even shows exactly what he will be doing for my own upcoming list migration as an example.)
  • The best “first step” email marketing platform to use if you are a brand spanking new marketer, and want to get started fast, and with as little frustration as possible.
  • An easy automation method that can help you close more deals by “benevolently stalking” clients you send video proposals to.
  • How to use “Easter egg” pitches in your courses, programs, and content to subtly sell your other products. (Bonus: doing this can also help add years to your customer retention when selling coaching & subscription-based offers.)
  • Cheap Facebook tricks (straight from the owner of the exact same ad agency Troy uses) for selling more products, building a bigger list, and automating your sales for as little as $5 per day.
  • Stupid things email marketers do (and sometimes even teach) with images that sometimes make spam filters think you are selling porn! (Thus, destroying your email deliverability.)
  • 7 “low hanging fruit” ways even raw newbies can use to make more sales from email & marketing automation.


       A secret way to convert billing failures into sales... How to turn your videos into little “marketing spies” constantly reporting back to you on how to better sell your leads… How to automatically track & recapture billing information without chasing anyone down… A 3-email cart abandonment strategy that can potentially give you as much as a 20% bump in sales in 48 hours or less… How to use “text funnels” to track & remind people about timely trainings & webinars… How copywriters can use free video funnels to help close more clients… and the list goes on, and on, and on...

          Anyway, here’s the deal:

          Automation Magic will soon cost hundreds of dollars, but you can save $100 today. It is also instantly delivered directly to your smart phone right after you purchase, for easy & convenient consumption.

          However, please take notice:

          There are no refunds for this offer, all sales are final, and you can only access the content via your smart phone and no other way.

       If those conditions give you heartburn, simply don’t buy it.

         Otherwise, go to the link below to get it for just $326!

Just $326 Today!

Click Here To Get Automation Magic

          I understand that there are no refunds on this purchase and that it will be delivered via the Troy Broussard app, running on my Learnistic mobile learning platform available only on smart phones (Android or iOS). 


Multi-Million Dollar Launch Breakdown


         Want to learn the secrets behind a multi-million dollar launch week? Well this first bonus goes into detail on how an organization I worked with scaled from $900k on a launch to a multiple million dollar launch and the automation secrets that we employed to get there.

          This is like you were part of the team getting a full walk through and debrief with immense insight into what worked, what didn’t and the type of optimizations we put into place. Honestly, this bonus alone is worth the entire training.


Advanced Segmentation Training


          When I was actively doing done-for-you funnels and advanced marketing automation consultations, I routinely charge $20k and up for my services. You are getting the very advanced, high-level segmentation trainings in this bonus that I used to charge a premium for.

          If you’re a service provider, this is absolutely gold and you have my full permission to go out and leverage these advanced techniques in your services to your clients. Doing so will position you head and shoulders above your competitors.

          While the training mostly discusses Infusionsoft, as that was what I used to focus on, the facts are that 95% of it is applicable to any CRM or email platform with a little creativity.

          In this bonus on segmentation you’ll learn:

          My secret “decoy” method of segmentation to get your most engaged and eager buyers to self select immediately at optin, raising their hand and almost begging you to sell to them

          How to hunt down the “shy but engaged” prospects that are ‘on the fence’ and just need a little extra attention and do it in a totally sly method that is both casual and no stress

          A hidden secret of how I used video to build up a 7-figure business from a tiny list of under 3000 people. I walk you through it all and though it takes a little work, it is highly effective.

          You’ll get access to all of this and much more in this 1 hour and 19 minute video training.


Recorded Q&A Session


         This was a LIVE Q&A style bonus webinar. There wasn't any scripted training, but rather were able to show up and ask me anything they wanted about their platforms, automations, recommendations, etc...

          The session was recorded and will be in your app for you to learn from the questions of others.       


Recording of Previous Q&A

          One last way I am going to make sure you get every automation ounce of knowledge out of this training is that I'm also going to give you access to my previous Q&A session on the product. 

          Many times these questions are repeated over and over again, so likely there are several great questions from the last round that you can deep dive into.

        Yep... you get ’em both! It’s a twofer!


The Top "Sins" of Marketing Automation


          Sometimes when you’re working on the marketing of a product, something just speaks to you... calls out... BEGS to be included. That is exactly what happened to me while I was processing new orders today.

          I realized that, as I was writing an email, there were sooooooo many common mistakes that people make with Marketing Automation that I needed to add a new section to the training... all about the top mistakes made and how you can avoid making them.

          So... presto... a new bonus has been created and a new section of the training is in place. This is listed with the main content as a new section that I added in.

        Sometimes the best way to learn what to do... is to start with what NOT to do!

(New) BONUS #6

Learnistic, BerserkerMail, SocialLair & RedirectMe -- oh my!

          Ok, so I have saved the best for last...

        In this 6th and final bonus, just recently created only for this new “version 4.0” of Automation Magic, I walk you through the most elaborate series of automations I have setup in quite some time. This over my shoulders, show all, tell all teaching will show you what automation magic can truly do for you and your business when you master this art form.

        In January of this year and then later in February, March and April I ran a 30-day book writing training. The training was extremely robust and took you from a book concept to a published book in Amazon or in 30 days.

        The program was first run as a 30-day challenge and so it required quite a bit of automation and coordination between:

  • The main content in my SocialLair community
  • The training content in my Learnistic App
  • All of it coordinated and driven via an automation campaign in BerserkerMail
  • Some other “automation magic” inside of my platform as well

        In this walkthrough, I go through every single aspect of how I configured all of these systems to work together seamlessly and automate the entire process. This is a full-on, full-throttle case study that will open your eyes to what is possible with automation.

Click Here To Get Automation Magic

No Refunds — All Sales Are Final